Terms and Conditions

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Cancellation policy:

Bookings made via telephone, mail, post or personal arrangement are automatically subject to the following general cancellation policy.

If a reservation is canceled less than 2 months before the scheduled arrival at the guesthouse, we will charge a cancellation fee of 25% of the total value of the reservation. Less than 1 month before departure 50% and less than 1 week before departure 80% total booking amount.

In case of cancellation and due cancellation fees, the calculated amount must be transferred to our bank account within 30 days. The bank details are available on request via info@gaestehaus-steiert.de or on the page "Imprint" of this website.

Down payments and cancellations

The amount of a down payment for the booking is generally regulated on a booking-specific basis, since various uncertainty factors must be taken into account here. The down payment will be offset against the cancellation amount and any remaining amounts paid back to the account of the person making the booking.